Strange water formation in long exposure

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Re: Strange water formation in long exposure

(Maybe it has been already said, but I did not read everything completely;) to me a quite logical explanation is there actually was a constant pattern of intermittent flying drops (maybe not all the time but for a few seconds). Fast flowing/falling water hitting irregular rockbottom (with moss) can cause almost every kind of unpredictable flow-pattern; you can even see it from the tap in the kitchen sometimes. I surely did see some strange flow patterns in waterfalls in the mountains. I count over 40 droplets in the arc in the picture, so every 1/20th second the flow produces a droplet bouncing and flying in the same way. It is very well possible it cannot be seen with the naked eye, as in classic film: faster than 1/18 sec we don't see it as individual drops anymore.

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