Complaints About DSLR Size

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Donald Chin
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Re: We are fortunate to have a selection of sizes, prices, and types

zackiedawg wrote:

I was in the same boat, which is why mirrorless now pretty much supplants P&S for me most of the time alongside the DSLR. I always had P&S cameras next to DSLRs because that was my only choice - while I liked the compactness, I would have sacrificed a little bit of that to get at a bigger sensor. When mirrorless cameras became available, I wasn't initially enamored of them as I didn't like that most were too simplified on controls - but after 2nd-gen and firmware updates, they became much more enthusiast and control friendly, and I got onboard. Now I consider DSLR + mirrorless to be the perfect combo for me.

I'm just the opposite, my first large sensor compact accompanied DSLR was GF-1, then I switched to X100 & now it's the RX1. 

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