A58/A57 raw 800iso

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Re: A58/A57 raw 800iso

sybersitizen wrote:

brian14478 wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Why are you comparing an 'edited' file to an unedited file? Compare apples to apples.

I didn't want anyone thinking it was biased if that makes sense? with editing.

Not to me, no.

that some might think I tried to get more out of the a58....

... I tried to get the best out of the a57 file as I did the a58 and here it is...I don't know others preferences and others I am sure could get more out of either image in post-processing.

I don't know about others either... but it seems to me that converting both files using straight IDC defaults is the way to judge differences between the cameras.

both raw files are in my gallery already converted to high quality jpegs default levels....the a58 could use a touch of noise  reduction and look quite good.

the a57 well, that could use a few different tweaks and you are never going to get resolution back that isn't captured in the first place....

*popular photography a few months ago reviewed the a57 saying the a57 isn't up to the competition in resolution.  -'the camera sacrifices a  resolution to keep noise low'.

the a58 seems to have addressed that..thanks,brian

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