What manual focus 135mm f2.8 do you have?

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Re: What manual focus 135mm f2.8 do you have?

1) Rexatar 135 f2.8. Probably the first lens I ever bought and this was back in 1971. I keep this lens for sentimental reasons. It has no value otherwise. You cannot even find adapters for it easily. I made my own.

Rex 135

2) Next up on the money list is a Sear 135mm f2.8 in FD mount. It cost me $5.

Sears FD 135. Heat from the cornfield is causing the wind mill to be fuzzy.

Sears FD 135. A little closer subject. This lens is a purple fringer, but you can't see it here.

3) Takumar M42 135mm f3.5. So it's not f2.8, but it's light and sharp. I got it with a Tak 50mm f2, and a Tak 35mm f3.5, all three for $35.

Takumar (Pentax) 135mm f3.5

4) Final lens is the heaviest. Canon FD 135mm f2.5 SC. This one cost me the biggest money. $45 USD before shipping.

Canon FD 135 f2.5

I always say that 135 f2.8's are common and should be inexpensive. Don't spend a lot a money trying to emulate a new 150mm f2.8.

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