RAW + JPG shooting mode, why does it exist?

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Re: RAW + JPG shooting mode, why does it exist?

I use to shoot in RAW only mode. After a wedding or family session I would import my raw files into lightroom, cull the images and extract the good ones into JPG format. I would always back up every single raw file just in the case that a client asked about a specific image that they remember me taking but maybe it didnt turn out. This rarely happens but I have had it happen before. it was nice to go back into the archives and show the client why they didn't receive that specific image EX: they were blinking.

I now prefer RAW+JPG mode. I like to post process in Lightroom using my raw files. I can now immediately backup all the JPG original files on an external and or Zenfolio. After culling the raw files, making adjustments and extracting them I can then delete the raw files and not worry about archiving those massive files onto an external.

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