Can someone share a history or origin of why 35mm FL was the "chosen one" in the first place?

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Re: FL = Focal Length?

There were several film cameras which had APS-C sized frames , the one which stands out most for me was the Olympus Pen FT which was a jewel of a camera.

APS-C however was very demanding of lenses & film processing in order to achieve high quality images & it never really got the support that it required from the likes of Kodak who were dominant in film at the time. It was much easier to get good quality from Full 35mm Frame for Amateurs & Medium frame for Pros & so it fell by the wayside.

APS-C was revived for Digital because it was easier & more cost effective to produce smaller sized digital sensors & the wider DOF made it easier to achieve reliable focussing when AF was first introduced.

35v mm became popular in FF for landscape photography as it gave a wider FOV & it gave good quality without too many technical difficulties & distortion but around 50mm was the chosen standard for 'normal' photography for the reasons given above.

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