Can someone share a history or origin of why 35mm FL was the "chosen one" in the first place?

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FL = Focal Length?

smallLebowski wrote:

I mean it's very versatile FL, but did they test it initially at the beginning era of photography and came to a conclusion that this FL suits best for starters or there was some other interesting story? Would like to hear that. Thank you.

P.S. I guess different brands had different perspective on best FL maybe?

Are you asking why 35mm focal length lenses became the "best" length?

If so, I think your question is invalid. By the time photography became affordable for the masses, the 35mm film SLR camera seemed to have the best combination of features and price, but most of those cameras came with a 50ish mm lens attached, not 35mm. The 50mm focal length lens resulted in a field of view that closely replicated the way we see things without a SLR camera up to our eye. Thus, the 50mm lenses became "standard."

That same field of view on a camera with an APS/C size sensor (that's the NEX and most DSLR cameras) is had with a 35mm lens, but I don't think there has ever been an interchangeable lens camera that used film the size of an APS/c digital sensor, and even if there were I don't think anybody really equates "standard" with being best. It's just one more tool in the box.

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