G15: Isn't it time for a 1.1 firmware?

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Re: G15: Isn't it time for a 1.1 firmware?

edu T wrote:

For corrections, comments, and additions, here’s one cursory wishlist…

Manufacturers generally issue a firmware update to FIX problems, not add new features.  The idea product never needs an update because they got it right from the start.  The most popular "fix" i see listed in camera firmware announcements?  Menu system:Typos, etc.

Canon added functionality to the 7D and 5D2, but those are $1800 and $2700 camera they knew they'd be selling for 3+ years.  A $500 camera like the G15 is one they want to not work on after it starts its production run.

1 Raw + "Custom JPEG" enabled

That is, allowing for I-contrast, MyColors, etc. on the JPEG side. (After all, WB fine tuning is enabled anyway.)

2 Hand-held HDR

What would be needed is just an aligning algorithm... But wait, it’s already there! (for the "Handheld NightScene" mode.)

What each mode is doing is probably rather different.  The HDR exposing for the shadows will probably be a longer exposure than what the night scene does since it isn't exposing the shadows just trying to not get a blurry photo.

3 Movie button can be re-purposed as a 2nd shortcut butto

For example, it would make for a pretty handy AF-lock button, right above the dedicated AE-lock button. (In this case you could spare the original "S" button for, say, drive mode or white balance.) Of course it would duly default to movie when the mode dial is set to video shooting.

No thanks.  It is unwise to add options that are not in the user manual.  I want the video button to always be record video.  I don't even use the shortcut button.  No need.

4 AE-lock beep volume under control

If I can set independently the volume of the start-up sound, how come the only way to lower the audible AE-lock signal is fully muting all of the sounds?

5 B-time value available

There is already a shutter release jack from which a second actuation could close the shutter.

6 Program shift assignable to the front dial

This is a bit subtle and/or personal. Even though the control dials are quite customizable, I’ve found out that the one combination that to me would be most handy and consistent throughout modes is plainly impossible. (To wit: under Tv and Av respectively, shutter speed and aperture set by the front dial, as it’s the most proeminent and haptic control point; under P mode, program shift up there as well, for the very same reason.)

7 A simple interval timer

In addition to the already well implemented self-timer, it would be convenient to be able to set an interval between the N shots.

Canon doesn't have this on their dSLRs, they certainly wouldn't put it in a $500 P&S.


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