Thoughts about XZ-1 settings please

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Re: Thoughts about XZ-1 settings please

Aaron Sur wrote:

Hi Ron,

Please do some testing with both your SLR and XZ-1 side by side to see its shortcomings.

I have a EOS 400D comparable to your E510 and the 4/3rds sensor in your SLR will give a different result compared to the tiny CCD on the olympus, even on Jpeg settings.

Be really careful with add on converters you may degrade the image quality of the superb lens on this camera.Below is a RAW ORF file converted to JPEG using olympus viewer3 and some structure sharpening and border added with Snapseed. Total investment in PP software $20.00!

If the image delivered by digital zoom is acceptable to you I feel you would have been better served by one of the compact superzooms , they start at 25mm , giving that wider angle view and longer telephoto that would beat the digital zoom . Also better video than the XZ-1.

Aaron, thanks. I agree with just about everything you have said, but from my perspective and needs there are always trade-offs. In terms of super zooms I have loved my little Panasonic (maybe not quite 'super' but pretty close), but for two things: I virtually always have to do a little sharpening and it has very few of the manual controls I want. Interestingly, it, and I think the xz-1 produce more accurate exposures and focus as fast, if not faster than my 510, 330, and 300 which, depending on the lens, can be very quirky -- and do some washing out when I need it least. I have a bag full of good Oly and Sigma (yes) glass, as well as many Tokinas and Pentax lenses I can use with adapters. The thing is, I am making compromises for my travel habits, age and some other things. This goes back to some wild African travels many years ago when I set aside my Pentax slr's for a tiny Rollei B35 which produced splendid results.

Thanks very much for your thoughts and the fine pic.

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