What manual focus 135mm f2.8 do you have?

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135mm manual-focus primes, from lightest to heaviest

268g Minolta Rokkor 135/3.5 MD
270g Pentax 120/2.8 PK "M" series
270g Pentax 135/3.5 PK "M" series
290g Fujinon EBC 135/3.5
290g Olympus OM 135/3.5
290g Pentax 150/3.5 PK "M" series
300g Sigma 135/3.5
340g Pentax 135/2.8 PK "A" series
360g Olympus OM 135/2.8
380g Olympus E-Zuiko Auto T FT "Pen" 150/4 (classic)
390g Konica Hexanon AR 135/3.2
395g Canon FDn ("new FD") SSC
400g Vivitar Auto Tele 135/2.8 (also seen: 412g)
410g Jupiter 37A
410g Tamron Adaptall 135/2.5 BBAR MC, model 03B (close-focus)
420g Soligor MC Tele-Auto 135/2.5
420g Vivitar Auto Telephoto 135/2.5 (if it's a twin of the Soligor)
430g Nikon 135/2.8 "K" series
432g Fujinon EBC 135/2.5
435g Nikon 135/2.8 AIS (1:3 magnification)
500g Pentax SMC 135/2.5K
585g Zeiss Sonnar 135/2.8
630g Canon FD 135/2.5 S.C.
690g Voigtlander APO Lanthar 125/2.5 SL

410 to 530g Minolta 135/2.8 Tele-Rokkor MD (also Sears)
over 450g Ricoh Rikenon 135/2.8

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Paul S. in Maryland

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