The Amazing D200.

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Re: It's all about nuances, just like the emporer's new clothes

Stacey_K wrote:

What's comical to me is Trevor feels it's our job to convince him.

That's akin to a personal attack.  It's not necessary.

If you cannot even show me an example of back-to-back images where the D200 is noticeably superior, all other things being equal, then the claimed superiority just doesn't exist.  Does it?

In your mind, perhaps, but not in reality.

I'm not saying that the D200 is not a good camera.  I am questioning the (so far) totally unsubstantiated claims of the D200 MAS (mutual admiration society) that its CCD produces noticeably better output than a similar CMOS camera.

I honestly could care less if he can see the difference nor is it my job on this earth to convince him of what I believe to be true. Please Trevor, by all means do NOT use a D200 or any CCD camera!

It's not so comical when you realise that people make spurious and unsubstantiated claims about all sorts of things every day.

With imaging techniques and IQ in general, if it's not easy to demonstrate it probably doesn't exist.

For further reading do a search in the Leica forum for a poster called Leica King (back in late 2006 and early 2007) who fooled them all for quite some time with wonderful Leica images which appealed to the snobbery in there, but later turned out to be from a Canon 5D, I think it was.

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