sony a57 vs nikon d7000

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Consideration of the Future

You could check on the Nikon forum and see what quality the kit lens is, although most would probably be equal or better than the 18-270 in it's limited focal length range. Don't get me wrong, I love the 18-270. The Sony is an innovative design with an electronic viewfinder but, as previously mentioned, is a middle of the line camera compared to a much higher level in the Nikon. You might also want to try out the Sony to see if you even like the electronic viewfinder.

Something else to consider is that Nikon is highly committed to the DSLR format. Lots of lenses both new and used are widely available and all will very, very likely continue into the foreseeable future. On the other hand Sony has gone from quality Optical Viewfinder DSLRs to Electron Viewfinder SLTs which pleased many new users but were disliked by many traditionalists and has even changed to a different flash mount since this line was introduced. It is also committing heavily to the NEX line and has stated that it is making a shift to mirror less cameras with no more OVF or SLT cameras in their next releases. Uncertainty of the future could also be an important influence in your choice.

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