sony a57 vs nikon d7000

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Re: sony a57 vs nikon d7000

Haps18 wrote:

Yeah, I'm thinking the 7000 will satisfy me longer and I feel I can't go wrong with it. I think the deal of the a57 is really a deal, but I was hoping to get a little more. It's just hard at that price to throw it out. Back to the Nikon, the camera store was swaying me to get the Tamron 18-270 over the kit for about $200 extra. I know it would cover a larger range and would be very convenient, but probably with less quality photos over some other options. He said it was better than the kit. Not sure if that is correct, but kit lenses are usually fair I know. I was trying not to go over about $1300. Is there a lens you would recommend so I'm not investing in "ok lenses" again, but not breaking the bank. I know the 16-85 I see recommended a lot, but I would only be able to go with that option if I bought a refurbished lens and camera. That would make my investment back to about $1300. Never bought refurbished and am scared because of no 1 year warranty. Suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated!

The Sony A57 with the Sony 18-135mm lens is a very good combo. The Tamron 18-270mm lens might not give as much satisfaction with either brand of body.

Disclaimer I do own and did use a Sony A57/18-135mm combo on an overcast beach today; I have no experience with any Nikon gear.

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