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Re: Here you go. Harvey Norman claims to have them in stock

Hisma wrote:

god, that's rough. I don't know if it's because of the aussie dollar tanking as of late, or if authorised camera gear is really that expensive here.

It's not unusual to see a roughly 50% markup or more for cameras, optical and electronics, which is disgraceful. This is even after taking into account the exchange rate. It's certainly not just Nikon. The entire Australian supply chain is focused on overcharging the customer. That is the real reason companies do their best to restrict or even in some cases ban parallel imports.

I live in aus as well, but I'm an american expat. I bought my d7100 when back to the states for vacation. It was $1200 w/ free shipping on amazon for the body only. That was ~3 months ago when the aussie dollar was roughly 1-1 with the american dollar.

A pair of cheap 10x50 Tasco Essentials binocs that you can get for $25-$40 in the US ($29 on Amazon), you can't get for under $75 in Aus. When I was looking about a year ago at the 7x50s it was $25 in the US vs $110 here and our dollar was stronger than the USD at that stage. I'm sorry but it doesn't cost $85 to import a small box that doesn't weigh all that much.

I'm perfectly okay with having my warranty state-side, as the camera has worked beautifully since I have owned it.

Yes I agree that local warranty isn't worth several hundred dollars, so long as the camera is a reliable model and there aren't too many QC issues. I stayed right away from the D7000.

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