sony a57 vs nikon d7000

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Re: sony a57 vs nikon d7000

Really hard to say when you're comparing things where one costs 3x as much as the other.

Reminds me of car magazines who say "Yes, we prefer this Ferrari to the Corvette that gives 90% of the performance at 1/3rd the cost." Sure, if you get to drive the cars for free. But when you're making the payments…?

I also don't know how important weather sealing and such are to you. For me, that's not an important consideration. I went with the A37 because I cared about the IQ (which is the same or arguably better in low light than its bigger brothers like the A77), and preferred the smaller size and more money to save or spend on lenses.

A more fair way to look at it is to consider apples to apples. If $1,050 is within your budget (if not, you have your answer by default), would you rather have the A57 (by all accounts an excellent camera), plus $700 to spend on lenses? Think of what lenses you would buy for $700. Would that combo give you more joy and better IQ than the D7000 (which I'm sure is a fine camera) with just the kit lens?

I would say that A57 deal is almost certainly a better value. You could buy it now, then buy a new camera for $700 five years from now … and I can promise you that future camera will be better than the D7000 you may keep for 10 years.

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