D600 - Is this ok?

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Re: Interesting

RCicala wrote:

CFynn wrote:

reginalddwight wrote:

Here is an update from Roger Cicala from LensRentals.com in July 2013:

3) We have NOT. I repeat, we have NOT ever said newer bodies don’t have the problem. We have no idea. Nikon demand is down hugely this year and we simply haven’t had to buy any more D600s or D800s (or anything else Nikon, really). I would assume Nikon has figured out a fix by now, but that’s just an assumption with no data to back it up."

"Nikon demand is down hugely this year" - that's interesting.

I wonder why

A couple of thoughts on why Nikon rentals are down.

3) It occurred to me that fanboys are mad at me for comments about Nikon repairs and that might affect rentals.

Roger, say it ain't so. Remember that the truth shall set you free.

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