D600 - Is this ok?

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Re: D600 - Is this ok?

Here is what the visualize spots display looks like for a test shot I took today with my D600. As you can see the large number of spots are concentrated near the left edge and upper left corner of the image. In the OP's image the spots look to be randomly distributed.

Nikon has already replaced the shutter mechanism twice on this camera and said if the problem returned a replacement camera would be in order. Since this buildup of spots has occurred only 2000 frames since the last repair I'm going to push for replacement. For those that insist that the issue has been resolved I submit that is has not been completely fixed.

I did get a laugh..... I had never used the LR5 visualize spots function so I googled it and watched a video. The heavily spotted image the instructor used to demonstrate the visualize spots function WAS FROM A D600.


D Knisely wrote:

This pattern does NOT look like the typical D600 dust/oil issue; it looks like normal random dust on the sensor. It will probably require a wet cleaning, hopefully just once. If you're afraid of damaging the sensor (which will not be covered by warranty, obviously), take it to a competent dealer or send it to Nikon.

If it truly came from the factory with that much dust on the sensor (might be your fault, even just during the attaching of the first lens), then there is a QC issues, I would recommend exchanging. Who knows what else is dirty!

But those spots most likely do NOT signal the D600 problems that you've been reading about; those are clustered in the upper left hand corner almost always.


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