Backup Routine for Photos, & Sudden Hard Drive Failure

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The problem with external hard drives..

The problem is they are very portable. So someone takes the drive to watch a movie and bumps it while it is operating, crashes and slowly deteriorates or suddenly.

I have had only one drive fail quickly, I dropped it during a write cycle. I had another slowly fail, was able to get all the data off it (freezer trick)

Better have several backups is all I can say.

larrytusaz wrote:

Tonight I had a Western Digital 1T portable hard drive just fail out of nowhere. It was a backup hard drive, nothing original on it (thankfully). There was NO warning, other than a couple of .mp4 video files my wife had been watching from it stuttered. Prior to that, it had never acted peculiar in anyway which I'd noticed. Now, it lights up but the light won't flicker, and the computer won't pick it up, you don't even hear the computer making the "dong dong" sound it makes when it senses a device being attached to the USB port.

Is it normal or common for a hard drive to just fail out of nowhere? Is there someway to sort of predict hard drive failure, software that does this for you etc?

Also, for backups, I've used Windows SyncToy freeware and had it "echo" left to right every action (that is, the backup repeats any additions, deletions, renames, and moves of the original, no changes are ever applied from the backup onto the original). Is this suitable software, or should I be using something else?

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