How do you track a subject with a DSLR?

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they look pretty good

These look pretty good for a CSC camera; most that I've used would have a hard time getting that many properly focused shots in sequence.

That said, most of us don't have much experience with the extremes of action shooting that, for example, pro sports photographers deal with daily. And those are the conditions which really define the standards at the top-end of autofocus technology, the standards that no CSC camera I've seen can come close to meeting.

Those extremes are shooting world-class athletes indoors or outdoors under lights at extremely high magnifications and very wide apertures (so razor-thin depth of field). Stuff like using a 400mm f/2.8 lens, at f/2.8, on a 35mm format sensor to shoot a world-cup soccer match at night. (The equivalent, as you know, in m4/3rds would be a 200mm f/1.4 lens, used at f/1.4.) There's just no margin for focus error in those conditions with those kinds of lenses, and they really separate the wheat from the chaff.

Got to Sports Illustrated's web site, for example, to see hundreds of such images.

It's actually impossible, with m4/3, to test under the conditions that pro DSLRs from Nikon and Canon are used under every day -- that's because there are no 150mm f/1.4 or 200mm f/1,4 or 300mm f/2 AF lenses for m4/3 systems.

Now again, 99% of us don't need that kind of performance, and lesser DSLRs fall short of it, too. But it's sometimes useful to remember that it exists.

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