G15: Isn't it time for a 1.1 firmware?

Started Jul 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
Mark B. Forum Pro • Posts: 22,512
Re: Not really...

edu T wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

With rare exception, Canon doesn't do firmware updates to add features; only to fix problems.

edu T wrote:

. . .

1 Raw + "Custom JPEG" enabled

4 AE-lock beep volume under control


PS: I’m aware CHDK deals with a few of the items above and much more, but I reckon this list is not really about adding features and more about simple or trivial revisions/improvements that might well be set in firmware to begin with.

To me the 3 items above, I mean, the lack thereof, areproblems.

Not huge ones, sure, else I wouldn't have bought a G15. Anyway, more specifically, 4 looks like a simple oversight and 1 & 8 are arguably crippling-by-design symptoms.

Nope, those are features, sorry   If the manual indicated you could do any one of these, and it wasn't working as described then it would be addressed.

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