How do you track a subject with a DSLR?

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fair enough

wildlifr wrote:

Eamon Hickey wrote:

DSLRs (with phase-detect AF) are better at the second task -- follow focusing. They aren't necessarily any better at the first task.

I would have to disagree. Having come from m4/3, DSLR are much better at tracking an object that moves within the viewfinder. On Nikon, it's called dynamic focusing and it's the most often used focus mode for AF-C. It allows the focus, once locked, to be passed off to any of the surrounding 8 pts (d9). There is also a d21 mode for more erratically moving subjects.

Fair enough.

It might be a simple matter of Nikon's expertise vs. whatever m4/3 manufacturer(s) you had experience with. In other words, I'm not aware of a technological advantage for SLR cameras vs. mirrorless cameras for this kind subject-within-the-frame tracking (whereas phase-detection does provide an important advantage for follow-focusing).

But I haven't done any kind of comprehensive evaluation of DSLRs vs. several brands/models of CSCs on subject-within-the-frame tracking, so I can't say either way.

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