E-1 metering - question to experienced photographers

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Re: E-1 metering - question to experienced photographers

@ rovingtim

Thank You for encouraging me to give ESP a try. I definitly will .. see and compare where it has advantages vs. center-weighted or Spot.

BTW to spot hilight area and compansate + 0,3-07 EV gave me already much better results .. though i have to get the feeling, how much compensation will be good enough. I think even 0,7 was to little ..

@ Phil Rose

You are totally right: ORF is the way to go.

After comparing quite a few converters to my taste still Olympus Studio/Viewer is giving the most pleasing complete results. Unfortunatly it doesn´t offer any hilight-recovery  tool - curves is the only thing to do.

So mostly i convert my files to 16-bit-Tiff using the Olympus SW and do further pp if needed using LR or PS.

I totally agree, that LR 4 (haven´t tried 5 yet, as it only works on 64-bit-computers, .. and mine isn´t) is brilliant in saving hilight-data (IF there is any) without touching other parts of the image to much.

Using an E-1-profile it does give very pleasing results not far from Olympus Viewer .. but it´s not the same.

Surprisingly (as most disagree):

If nothing is to wrong with my eyes (or mind) .. i am very happy with sharpened ISO 100-E1-files +4 or even +5 and using Noise filter - IF not much more has to be done with the image later.

Compared to USM in f.e. PS i have the impression that sharpening in Olympus Viewer is more effective and only touches areas where it is needed.

But maybe i am totally wrong about that. Of course i know, that sharpening should be the last step .. and i use it like that, if the image needs more pp say in LR.

Back to handling DR-"issues" of E-1: i have the impression that my best way to go in more difficult light situation will be manual-mode and Spot-metering. And as You wrote, rovingtim, E-1 is a very good manual cam ..

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