The LX2 - A camera before its time.

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Re: The LX2 - A camera before its time.

Barrie Davis wrote:

fPrime wrote:

I recall the number one reason I looked at Panasonic as a brand leader in compact P&S cameras with RAW and manual controls was their unique approach with a 16:9 sensor on the LX2. Because the LX3 was impending at the time I waited for its successor to launch before actually buying Panasonic, but when I got it I do remember being a bit disappointed that the LX3 returned to a 4:3 sensor.

Although I'm sure other users enjoy 4:3 and 1:1 on the LX3, I used it purely in 16:9 with the express purpose of eventually displaying photos on 4K UHDTV at 3840x2160. The resolution is more than sufficient and even as I've added a Nikon D700 I still crop to 16:9 for the same purpose.

The fact that the LX2 produced this resolution natively and with a lens optimized for that aspect ratio was indeed quite forward looking in retrospect.

I don't know of any method where a lens can be "optimised" for a certain aspect ratio, making it perform better than it does on any other aspect ratio.

If you believe this has been done in the case of the LX2, please explain how. Thanks.

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To be technically accurate I should have written the lens was optimized to the 16x9 "sensor" not "aspect ratio".  An image circle is just that, a circle where all aspect ratio's that extend to the edge within experience lens edge effects to some extent.

The real advantage of the LX2 sensor, other criteria notwithstanding, is that generates a much larger 16x9 image than the LX3.  Thanks for pointing out the distinction.


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