Strange water formation in long exposure

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Re: Makes me wonder

Wei Kelun wrote:

This is a fascinating thread. For all the world it looks like the light is being interrupted at an extremely regular 16 Hz. (I'm deducing that because the parabola is so regular, and because it looks like about a 2-second trip for the water droplet to make, although scale is ultimately hard to determine.)

The fact that the "flashing" seems to last for the same duration of the exposure is also very interesting.

Finally, there are bubbles and drops elsewhere that seem to be similarly frozen.

So what's going on? It can't be leaves shaking in the wind or some other natural strobe, since the rate is too high and the pattern too regular.

Any chance the strobing was caused by the on-board flash being used for AF-assist?

If there truly was no flash, then it's got to be some kind of interruption in the signal being recorded by the sensor, right?

I think you are on to something. The AF-assist is right around the frequency of the pattern. Excellent deduction on your part Wei Kelun!!

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