the D4x is coming.

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Re: curious what would it offer over D800

Steve Bingham wrote:

Call it what you will. No biggie. But it will be designed as a "better" D4. And yes, serious sports shooters want more than the D4 - at least the ones I know. You know any, personally? Keep laughing . . . and get ready to pay some serious $$$$ if you want one. Like I said . . . oh, never mind.

Josh152 wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:

Mp isn't everything. Dynamic range, fps, and less noise at high ISO are extremely important to serious PJ and sports shooters. This will NOT be an mp race.

CFynn wrote:

Daniel Clune wrote:

I highly doubt more pixels.

There are rumors that Canon is currently testing a high resolution 75MP Canon pro body DSLR camera that will be announced later this year. If these rumours are true, it seems likely that the D4x would have at least 50mp

LOL serious PJ and sports shooters already have the D4 and 1DX that does all that. Nikon and Canon are not going to make another model that does the same thing to sell along side it. Further as has already been pointed out to you Nikon has always made the single digit X cameras for the high res shooters not the sports guys. There is no way the D4X is going to be anything other than the full, integrated grip, pro bodied High megapixel studio/landscape camera if it exists. That is the only spot in the line up that still hasn't been replaced with a new model. The D4X will be the replacement for the D3X not the D4 or D3S as that would make absolutely no sense what so ever.

Nikon may very well give sports shooters a D4 replacement but it wont be the D4X.  If they do replace the D4 it will either be with a D4S or a D5 not a D4X. The D4X if it comes will not be a sports camera as that would go against Nikon's long history of naming conventions for their single digit pro models. If you look at Nikon's previous release dates the S version of the single digital cameras usually come out around two years after the regular version so This fall/winter would fit that schedule. Then and the X version usually come out around a year latter so at this point it could go either way.

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