The Amazing D200.

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For What Some of us do, Yes, CCD is Better.

Stacey_K wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

My issue is with folk who insist that CCD is better, but don't/cannot use worthwhile (or any) comparison shots to show the differences.

It's not my job to prove anything to you and I could care less if you believe what people say or not. Feel free to ignore what all the people in this thread are saying, we obviously are all wrong.

Here is a clue why there probably is some truth to what we are saying, for example: I own a D7000. Bought it new so have a good bit of money invested in it. I was finding it was a struggle to get the color I was after using it, so bought an additional body, a D200, to try to address this and it has. So it can't be buyer envy as I already own both. I honestly don't need to shoot a side by side, that you would still find something wrong with, to see that my problems with color disappeared when I started using the D200. I know where each camera is strong and which is weak so this just opens up my options. Again, please ignore everyone who posted they like this camera and go by what DXO or whoever says the best camera is. I'm sure the D200 has low scores there..

Trevor, there is no "issue".  You are the one that's making this an issue.

I will give you an example:  I compare CMOS sensor to a modern LED TV, and the CCD as a PLASMA TV.  Yes they are BOTH TVs, but they are different and they both have a different "look".

The LED looks sharp crisp and bright as hell, and it is nice, but the LED has that extreme sharp and clear look as if you were watching a high definition video coming straight out of a cam corder.  On the plasma tv a cartoon will look like a normal cartoon, but on the LED it just looks even more cartoonish and weird looking.  Now, if you have the LED connected to the internet or play video games, the LED wins.  No doubt.

The plasma tv on the other hand, it has that more cinematic look and it is more pleasant to watch movies and even cartoons, and although it is also a TV, the damn thing is COMPLETELY different from the LED.  No doubt.

Some people LOVE the LED look, and that's fine.  I personally don't like LED.  The same thing is happening with CCD. 

For what some of us dowe prefer the CCD look, and yes, that is what makes it better.  This is pretty much the idea  

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