sony a57 vs nikon d7000

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Re: sony a57 vs nikon d7000

Haps18 wrote:

I went to a local store to look again at the Nikon D7000, which I was seriously planning on purchasing this week for $1099 (with current rebates) for body & kit lens (although thinking on getting Tamron 18-270 $400ish instead). I would not be able to afford the flash yet (maybe around holidays). Anyway, I happened to see an open box Sony alpha 57 with kit lens for $350 (no box or accessories included) & last one left around. My dilemma is that I am replacing my old Minolta 7D and have 3 ok lenses, flash, & filters already that I am told can be used on the Sony. I don't see much about the Sony and plan on keeping this for years. I feel deep down the Nikon is a better camera, but not sure with the price difference. Can anyone help shed some light so I don't make a regretful decision.

Nikon $900 body, Tamron 18-270 lens $420, nothing else yet, but maybe for Christmas would get 700 flash & 50mm lens

Sony $350 with kit lens 18-55, Minolta 28-100 lens (own), Tamron 70-300 (own), & Minolta 3600hs flash (own), along with a lensbaby, & couple of filters

$1320 or $350? Sony seems like no-brainer, but I kept my Minolta for about 10 years and don't want a dud for the next 10 years!

The Nikon D7000 is a different class of camera, with better ergonomics and controls (2 dials), better AF tracking and more AF points, better build quality with weather sealing, as well as a better sensor (well, same sensor, but the Nikon doesn't use a translucent mirror which robs light and gives more high ISO noise like the A57).

The D7000 is more directly comparable to the Sony A77, and the A57 is comparable to the D5100.

So you should probably decide which class of camera you want, its really hard to give suggestions between these two without knowing that. The A57 is certainly a big upgrade over your 7D, however, If you're looking for a camera for the next 10 years, I think the D7000 would be a better choice, but not if you don't actually need the higher end features that it has.

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