Do you typically shoot in P or M?

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Re: Do you typically shoot in P or M?

Brian Caslis wrote:

BasiliskPhoto wrote:

Aperture and shutter speed are both too important to leave to the camera to decide.

Auto ISO is one of the best things to happen to cameras since they went digital. M all the way. I just keep an eye on the ISO to make sure that it is not hitting the buffer at either end, but I can let it range through about 5 stops without worrying too much about affecting quality.

Actually I disagree about leaving shutter speed to the camera. On the D600 (and I think the D800 and D4) if you set autoISO then it can be set to take the focal length into account and you can even adjust this to be faster or slower than normal. So if you aren't shooting action, then A and autoISO let's you set the DoF and let's the camera adjust the others. I almost never used autoISO before the D600 but the new implementation is really nice.

I also never used auto ISO before I got my D800. However, recently went on a photo shoot with a wildlife professional. I had a D300 at the time and he said use auto ISO, set it at 800 max for the D300 and you'll never notice it, set the speed to capture the movement or reduce shake and use  DoF which is best for the lens and DoF, this is with a camera where I though ISO 800 was poor.

He said post processing will remove any noise and printing will not be affected by noise anyway upto a certain size. He then said he had a D800 and didn't worry about ISO at all. Hence I bought a D800

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