Do you typically shoot in P or M?

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Re: Do you typically shoot in P or M?

I never shoot in P mode. I usually am in Aperture Priority mode and adjusting the EV as needed for a shot. M mode is what I use with flash when shooting indoors and where there is strong outside light. No camera will expose properly in this type of situation and much faster to manually set the exposure for the outside light level and then adjust the flash contribution for the subjects that are indoors.

P mode would be correct at most half the time and even then the shutter speed or aperture selected by the camera would be wrong - i.e. in the middle of the range and not optimum for the situation. The camera will select a smaller aperture to get more DOF which is often not what I want, or select a faster shutter speed than is necessary and so also force the aperture or the ISO setting where I do not want it to be.

P mode to me is for shooting snapshots where the overall image is not that important. It is what I will use with a small P&S camera to take a reference photo of some scene or subject.

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