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What are your marks out of 10 for the firmware updates?

I'm struck by how negative the overall commentary on the latest firmware update appears to be on the forum, even though the majority of people seem very pleased. I think we have a couple of vocal minorities who are counter-balancing the generally positive reaction.

First there are those for whom life's glass is perennially half-empty. These are the people for whom new product announcements inevitably mean that other products have been delayed, new features that in their first iteration don't match the capabilities of the class-leader must therefore be useless, and for whom an improved specification in the 56mm to f1.2 inevitably means that it will now be too heavy and too expensive. And they really don't have a sense of humor, taking themselves way too seriously.

Then there is the second most vocal minority: those people with specialist needs who contribute often to the forum and for whom the latest update doesn't hit the mark. They quite rightly express their disappointment, but because they are very active in the forum it can make it seem as though almost every thread is dominated by negativity. I have no problem with either of these two groups - the forum is here for people to express their views - but still.

I hear a lot of griping justified by the idea that Fujifilm reads these forums and so we should tell them what is wrong. On that logic, we should also tell them if they have done well.

So, given what you knew a week ago, what is your score out 10 for the latest firmware update?

Mine is 9/10.

I thought the "dramatic" improvement in focusing would prove to be marketing BS, but I'm actually finding it to be excellent. Focus-peaking works better than I expected too - it's not class-leading, but it works beautifully for me. And of course, the updates were free: that seems like excellent value for money. Fuji gets 9 out of 10 easily for me.

So, on balance, what are your marks out of 10?

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