Do you typically shoot in P or M?

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Re: For the sake of speed and ease...

D200_4me wrote:

I almost always shoot in...

P - when I don't care about DOF

A - when I care DO about DOF

S - when I care about movement

and finally....M - when the situation is much more controlled and I have plenty of time to make adjustments...but that's pretty rare. Mostly I'm in A or P.

Oh and I almost always use auto ISO.

I don't think they give out awards for who's the best at manually adjusting A, S and ISO quickly, just at who gets a good shot. I think my wife would be aggravated with me though if I tried to shoot in M all the time and missed certain shots because I was fiddling with the exposure. I think today's cameras meter more than well enough for most people's standards. A slight tweak to exposure in Lightroom doesn't bother me, if I need to do it.

I always care about DOF...

Leave camera on M, with auto ISO

Get in the habit of setting the shutter to safe speed when you attach lens (1/longest FL, higher if outside on a bright day), and aperture to mid setting - around f4

Then the camera is ready to shoot most unexpected events without adjustment; adjust DOF when required, sometimes major changes in lighting or freezing action require adjustment of shutter, but auto ISO takes up most of the variation. I agree that exposure compensation is rarely needed, with the latitude of the modern sensor, D-lighting even means this is true of Jpegs.

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