G15: Isn't it time for a 1.1 firmware?

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Not really...

With rare exception, Canon doesn't do firmware updates to add features; only to fix problems.

edu T wrote:

For corrections, comments, and additions, here’s one cursory wishlist…

1 Raw + "Custom JPEG" enabled

That is, allowing for I-contrast, MyColors, etc. on the JPEG side. (After all, WB fine tuning is enabled anyway.)

2 Hand-held HDR

What would be needed is just an aligning algorithm... But wait, it’s already there! (for the "Handheld NightScene" mode.)

3 Movie button can be re-purposed as a 2nd shortcut button.

For example, it would make for a pretty handy AF-lock button, right above the dedicated AE-lock button. (In this case you could spare the original "S" button for, say, drive mode or white balance.) Of course it would duly default to movie when the mode dial is set to video shooting.

4 AE-lock beep volume under control

If I can set independently the volume of the start-up sound, how come the only way to lower the audible AE-lock signal is fully muting all of the sounds?

5 B-time value available

There is already a shutter release jack from which a second actuation could close the shutter.

6 Program shift assignable to the front dial

This is a bit subtle and/or personal. Even though the control dials are quite customizable, I’ve found out that the one combination that to me would be most handy and consistent throughout modes is plainly impossible. (To wit: under Tv and Av respectively, shutter speed and aperture set by the front dial, as it’s the most proeminent and haptic control point; under P mode, program shift up there as well, for the very same reason.)

7 A simple interval timer

In addition to the already well implemented self-timer, it would be convenient to be able to set an interval between the N shots.


For exposures longer than 1 sec. (Last but not least...)

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PS: I’m aware CHDK deals with a few of the items above and much more, but I reckon this list is not really about adding features and more about simple or trivial revisions/improvements that might well be set in firmware to begin with.

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