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I don't have one (yet) , but the Canon SL1 / 100D is interesting - real DSLR performance in a smaller package.

I wonder if that will become the new "standard size" for lower-end DSLRs.

Only for those who want a smaller camera. Not everyone does. I can't figure why people who don't use DSLR's are so sure most of us want them to be smaller.

Totally agree. It's like the DPR mirrorless crowd have rendered a verdict that cameras must be small, when in fact in many ways shrinking a camera can negatively impact usability and ergonomics for most adults with normal sized hands.

I did happen to check out the Canon SL1 / 100D the other day at Costco, and it's quite nice provided you mount a small prime or variable aperture zoom. Any large aperture zoom however is going to balance extremely poorly on it. And the small, flat grip may make it smaller, but it actually makes handling worse than a camera with a normal sized grip. And for what? So that it's easier to transport? So that your bag is a bit smaller? So an SL1 or small mirrorless camera user is essentially trading usability for portability.

I was using a Canon T3i when I decided to move to the 7D (for faster AF and more burst buffer for action shooting). The 7D is bigger, probably as much bigger than the Rebel series as the new SL1 is smaller than the Rebel. I have absolutely no negative feelings about the size. It's got more body controls, an LCD panel on top with settings displayed, and it's a great size for handling with my very average-sized hands.

Yesterday I saw a gallery photo someone posted of his 'de-badged' mirrorless camera. He had a good-sized lens mounted on it and an added-on EVF. It wasn't as big as a DSLR, but it sure looked cobbled-together and fragile I might add. Even so, if that is the kind of camera the guy wants then it's no skin off my nose. I'm not about to tell him his camera is the wrong size (though it would be, for ME) or that it's ugly (which it frankly is, to ME) because it's HIS camera and HIS choice and I hope he enjoys it.

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