Pentax as first DSLR?

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Re: @ yardcoyote...EDIT

yardcoyote wrote:

Thanks for your thoughtful two-part reply. I agree that this is a difficult choice to make. The WR kit zoom makes an appealing package with the WR Pentax body-- it's a combination you can take to the beach, into the snow, into the woods and so on and shoot all day, taking a variety of shots without having to worry about the camera. But using a prime would be a better reflection of how I actually like to shoot most of the time.

I'd be interested in opinions about which lens option is best for actually learning to handle a DSLR and explore its control options. I know I'll want to keep whatever camera I buy for a long time, so I want to build good habits right away and really learn to understand the camera before I start collecting a bunch of lenses.

I think in principle you can learn with every lens how to handle your cameras possibilities.

I use primes and zoom lens, and there are zoom lens, which get very close to the quality of a prime.

The only think I don't try is using a zoom for get the shot where I'm just be. For example my most used lens (since I got it) is the old FA* 28-70 f2.8. I set it to 70mm for portrait and walk with my feeds to get the frame. I set it to 28mm for wide angle pictures. And when I can't zoom be my feeds, I'm glad that my lens can do it then.

best regards kikivrany

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