NEX7 EVF Eye Cup...possibly a very simple, very workable, inexpensive solution

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bill hansen Veteran Member • Posts: 8,941
Mandatory eyecup

If I didn't have to wear glasses while photographing, I could go without an eyecup. But an eyecup is mandatory for me, and even with the NEX eyecup in place I've severely scratched the right lens of my best pair of glasses. I'm never conscious of the lens settling in against the lens of the EVF, but the scratches (several of them, from repetitive use of the EVF) are exactly where the "reading" part of the variable focus lens is. I wish I knew of an eyecup which would prevent this. At least the NEX eyecup must minimize it somewhat. I'll be interested to see if someone comes up with a better solution.

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Bill Hansen
Ithaca NY, USA

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