First Studio Shoot (Looking for Honest C&C so feel free to tear me apart on this one)

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Group reply and how I lit it

Thanks everyone for their feedback so far!

I'll start with how I lit everything. All of them except the last were lit with one giant (6ft) softbox to the camera left as a main and one smaller softbox to the right as a fill. I tried to set it up so that there would be a stop difference between the two lights but she was quite close to a large white wall (camera right) so I think the reflection off that combined with the fill flattened the lighting out. I'll definitely work on getting a little more contrast in the lighting though (especially because I don't have a MUA).

The last one was an attempt at clamshell so one light above the model and one below with the one above set one stop stronger than the one below (still didn't get much contrast though).

Kweide - I'll definitely work on not having the light so flat. That's my standard border so I just kept it to save time. If I print any I'll definitely put more thought into the border. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Wazu - It was my first time shooting and her first time modelling so any advice on the modelling is great! I've since read it should be like a dance for the model so I'll work on keeping her moving. I was having a hard time getting the hands in the shot without getting parts of the softbox in it since my radio triggers aren't in yet so I had to use the optical slave and hence had to be pretty far back. I'll keep in mind that the hands are important too though. Thanks!

DKA91 – I'm working on it right now. Great book! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Fargonz – see description for my lighting setups. I'll try spending more time metering to get the contrast I want. Thanks for the comment!

Davidrestes – (see first paragraph for description of how I lit it). If I want to get rid of the large catchlight would I just move it further behind the model (from say 45 degree to closer to 70 or 80 degrees?) or what would you recommend there? Thanks for commenting, I'll make sure to keep the number of catchlights in mind from now on!

Ktownbill – I'll make sure to be careful with how I soften features in PP and keep the eyelashes and eyebrows sharp. Thanks for commenting!

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