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Intent...and "serious"...

jrtrent wrote:

jonrobertp wrote:

Serious is when I'm paid to do it, or commissioned, or it's part of a plan to secure a specific image that I wanted more than a little.

brianj wrote:

Serious photography is different for every person I suspect. For me no photography is serious, its just complete fun and a joy to perform.

I like jonrobertp's definition of serious photography, but I wonder what percentage of camera users ever take a serious picture, and I wonder how different that percentage might be among the population of DPR members.

"Serious" to me also involves intent. Among my friends and family, I know of just one person who actually plans excursions for the purpose of taking pictures (and I think she's very talented, having her photos accepted into and often winning local photography contests). The rest of us, apart from test shots to check out or set up a new camera, plan excursions when there's an event or place we want to see, and a camera is taken along in case there's an opportunity to capture a few memories of that place or event. Some are happy to rely on point-and-shoot automation while others like to have a little more control over the outcome, but the trip is all about what we see and who we're with, not the pictures we might take to help remember the day. bet.  By the current/above definition, a large % of my shots are "serious".  Hundreds per month, since a serious shoot usually is around 3-500 shots per outing or event.

I find that those shots, and there are many of those too, that are not "serious" in this discourse, most of the time simply languish and account for zip in the long run, except to fool around w the cam for a bit.  Like going for coffee when I don't really need it, but have nothing better to do at the time.

Serious also means someone, either myself or another person or group of ppl, will get some definite enjoyment out of the image, even if it lasts about as long as a cup of coffee.  Photos/images that last for a long time, ie. months or years, now those turned out to be very "serious" indeed.  Thankfully I've been able to experience many of those too.  (thankful, not boasting).

Just one image , for example.  I was shooting with a video group in the poor section of my city, for a very large church/mission group.   I got lucky with a shot of an aboriginal woman holding her baby at the door of her house, up the veranda, and smiling. That one shot was shown on 12 foot screens repeatedly for about 2 or 3 years, in a venue that holds 2,500 ppl.   (shown weekly at first, then gradually less often).   I was blessed to have been at the right spot...with the vid team, and cam to my eye...ready for that one or 2 second moment.   To me, that was a seriously enjoyable shot.

Carry on ...happy shooting, all.


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