How do you track a subject with a DSLR?

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How do you track a subject with a DSLR?

Everyone keeps saying that DSLRs track for AF much better than any mirrorless camera. However, I often wonder how you tell the camera what to focus on when you are not using live view with a DSLR. If the subject moves around the screen how do you tell it what the subject is?

Also what if there are multiple subjects? How do you tell the DSLR to ignore one of the subjects and only follow the other subject? Do you have to be in live view mode to get accurate tracking with a DSLR? Are there any videos that show how a DSLR tracks when compared to mirrorless?

With my GH3 I am always using the cameras LCD screen to compose the shot. I can simply set it to face detect if the subject is a person with their face clearly visible or I can use spot focus if I need to tell the camera what to focus on.

I just am not clear on how you tell a DSLR what to track if you are looking through a view finder? Who cares how fast something focuses if there is no way to tell it what exactly to focus on.

How does the AF tracking work on DSLRs? Do you use the touch screen to tell the camera what the focus is? Does that also require you to be in live view?

More and more now I am starting to think that the whole AF tracking issue with mirrorless is just a stereotype that has progressed through the ages. It was completely true before but now it is not nearly as big a difference. It is just that nobody has stood up to challenged that notion yet.

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