Are you trying to get rich?

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Re: Are you trying to get rich?

IcyVeins wrote:

I am just curious about what is the economic and long-term mindset of Americans or anyone else really. Whatever your current situation is, are you happy to achieve and sustain middle income status? Or do you have aspirations and some type of long-term plan, whether specific or vague, to attempt to elevate yourself above a middle class existence, to become wealthy. I realize these are relative terms but I am more interested in the mindset: are you just trying to sustain a certain income level and save for a respectable retirement, or are thinking about how to possibly do much, much better than that, even if in the long term? Obviously most people "want" to be rich, but I want to know how many are just dreaming about it and how many view it as a reasonable goal?. If you're already rich, are you happy with where you are, or are you trying to get richer still? No right or wrong answers obviously.


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