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Re: Scientists not convinced by CMOS develop Scientific-cmos

Cytokine wrote:

"Broadly speaking however, and despite some undeniably rapid advances over the last decade, ‘traditional’ CIS performance has generally been worse than CCDs and their acceptance into scientific markets has been limited due to a reputation of unacceptably high read noise and dark current, lower fill factors, and greater non- uniformity.

"These are all drawbacks that our new sCMOS technology has been specifically designed to overcome."

"These have been conceived in order to match the traditionally high fidelity imaging performance of CCDs with the readout speed capabilities of CMOS."

I think it's hard to compare specialized scientific imaging sensors with those produced for the professional (and consumer) DSLR market. The cost and usage constraints are just way different.

For example, I think that most DSLR users would NOT be interested in a $10,000, 16-MP astronomical CCD that requires water cooling for best performance.  

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