Do you typically shoot in P or M?

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Re: Do you typically shoot in P or M?

ARB1 wrote:

Of course most of us seasoned folks shot M growing up since that's all there was, but with the advancements in photographic technology I wonder if folks are shooting in M far less. I'm currently reading 'Understanding Exposure', and while I used M a good bit I'm going start shooting more in M to take back control of my camera and shooting.

So I was just wondering how many folks shoot M almost exclusively?

Myself - M 90% A the rest

A noted landscape photog in MN jim brandenburg i read, uses program mode most of the time, to aid him is actually 'capturing the shot' "as so many scenes are fleeting and sometime last only seconds"...  he went on to say, if he was fiddling with the knobs or settings - he would miss a great deal of this shots...

I have only one AF lens - and am shopping for another - my most used lenses are all manual focus

there may verywell be the day when i am shooting in program mode most of the time...


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