First results with Pentax SMC K 135mm f2.5

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Re: First results with Pentax SMC K 135mm f2.5

kitsios_spyros wrote:

Thank you all for looking.

Phil, it took me more than a year to find the 6 element version in a good price. I hope you can find it sooner when/if it gets in your radar again. What were your impressions from using it?

Well, yes, I liked it, and hadn't any real complaints, but didn't use it too much. As any manual M/K lens I found it too cumbersome to use regularly - especially because of manual focusing and the necessary stop down metering.

One of the few pics I can remember using it for you can see here (used a long remote cable and set up the camera on a tripod not too far away):!i=1212701412&k=5zSSqrn

Till now it seems more resistant to flare against the sun than I expected but a little softer and with some CAs wide open too. Then I compared it against FF fast tele zooms (70-200mm/f2.8) and I appreciated more it's small size and the f2.5 aperture. It feels wonderfull in the hand too.

Yes, indeed. I ditched after I got my Tamron f2.8/70-200 that fulfilled my low light tele needs.

But because of the small size you mention it would be a perfect match for the K-01 that hand held is impossible to handle with the Tammy (which doesn't focus correctly on the K-01 anyway).


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