Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

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Re: 21 to 75 is a big jump that leaves a hole

DotCom Editor wrote:

SubPrime wrote:

What lenses are going to resolve that sensor?

Agreed. Does Canon offer any lens that has the requisite resolving power?

The Canon EOS 1S has been in the rumor mill for some time as a high resolution pro DSLR, albeit prior rumored specs of 47MP-ish. Just because Canon is testing cameras with 75MP+ sensors doesn’t mean that a 47MP sensor won’t end up in the final model.

I spoke to a Canon rep late last year and she insisted these rumors were BS, but I can't imagine why Canon wouldn't produce such a body.

21 to 75 MP seems like an enormous leap that leaves a hole in the product line between the two. I could deal with 47MP for my very large canvas prints, but 75MP would create huge processing bottlenecks that would slow things down to a crawl. That's no good, because one must still get the finished products out the door as quickly as reasonably possible.

Imagine the size of a

  • Photoshop file containing many layers and masks
  • Print-job data stream for a 30-by-45-inch print. Print jobs carry instruction every single dot of ink laid down by the printer. We're talking about data stream that could approach a terabyte in size.

I've had no problems with more data than that from 4x5 film scans.  No big deal.

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