Possible M production issue (tri-corner vignette cont'd)

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Possible M production issue (tri-corner vignette cont'd)

Sorry for starting a new thread on this, but it seems the issue is something different than previously thought. This is a continuation of this thread: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/51850717

As posted in the previous thread, it seemed my EF-M 11-22mm lens suffered from a strange vignetting issue. At the left side of my images, there would be a slightly darker and slightly miscolored band. You can't see it as clearly on every image, but it's there.

Here is an example. The first shot is taken normally, the second one is taken upside down, then rotated back on the PC. This way issues with the lens/camera will show up on different sides of the image in the two pictures, and you can very easily spot them by quickly switching between the images.

Shot normally

Shot upside down, rotated back on PC

The purplish vertical band is fairly easy to spot in this image.

I assumed it was the lens, but I finally tried the same thing on the EF-M 18-55, and found it had the same issue.

So I went to the camera store and asked a salesman if we could run some tests together. Not only did my lenses show the same issue on their demo model, their lenses showed the same problem on my M as well. So we tried yet another M (this one running the old firmware), and the problem persisted! The issue ended up being visible on all combinations of M bodies and lenses we tried.

The bodies do appear to be from different batches, though I can't imagine all EOS M's being affected, as somebody else on this forum surely would have noticed. At first I didn't think the 22mm was affected, but after some more checking, it seems the problem is there, it's just very faint.

Unfortunately, we did not really expect this, so we threw away a lot of images during testing and these are not awe-inspiring shots, but I still have a few of them covering three different bodies and four different lenses, though.

Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25695577/vignette3.zip - 8 sets of 2 JPGs, ~ 90 MB

After the camera shop, I did contact the Canon service center, who had no idea what the issue could possibly be, and wouldn't have time to look at it for another four weeks(!). So I called Canon Netherlands, and the issue is currently being escalated internally. I hope to hear back from them soon.

Hope I'm not being considered as making a lot out of nothing - I would certainly not be happy if all my images are supposed to look like this!

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