Nikon Australia, Nikon D7100

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Re: Nikon Australia, Nikon D7100


I am very surpriced (and shocked) about this.

Is it still so in Australia, that the manufactorer or the importer decides what to go to the stores, and which stores to have it?

It brings me fourthy years back in Europe....

In Europe the stores are totally independent to manufactories and importers - they are of course making contract to them, which commit them in some terms, but no Company can make monopolies liked conditions to a retailer.

Trying to do, what NikonAU are doing, keeping a new model out, they would immediately loose market.

But its not only sunshine. There could be some other, to the costumer, negative follows of the so called Free market - btw. that you can be fooled by some bad netstores, taking your Money not delivering or who can't rearly deliver the two years of warranty.


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