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Re: Thank you for an informative thread

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Provided lots of detail for real world as well as theoretical.

I always wondered about the macro shooters and their insistence on f16 to f22 when you read articles included in this thread. In theory a macro shot should be around f8 to f10 for best quality?

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Macro shooters have a very small depth of field even at f16/f22. To get as much of the subject in focus as they can they must use as small an aperture as they can. If the subject is not moving a macro photographer will use focus stacking at the diffraction limit. If the subject is moving (say a live butterfly) then smaller apertures are necessary.

You must remember that the maximum first airy disk bleed over intensity is only 1.75%. At the pixel level you are not likely to notice, especially if you just do a little bit of sharpening in post. But you will notice the full subject not being in focus.

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