Low light video quality and the importance of shutter speed.

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Re: Low light video quality and the importance of shutter speed.

With video shutter speeds there is a rule of thumb called the 180 degree rule which used to refer to a rotational shutter in film cameras.   Basically the shutter speed is set at twice the frame rate.   So if the frame rate is 25 frames per second the shutter should be around 1/50th to 1/60th.  This gives just enough motion blur to smooth out the movement between frames. With a higher shutter speed the frame rate will become more perceptible and give more of a staccato/ strobing look.   1/30th shutter speed will give more light but the motion blur maybe a bit too much.

You should also choose your frame rate according to the mains electricity frequency where you are. If you are in America (all of America except the botom of south America) or Japan, south korea, tiawan the phillapines or saudi-arabia then the mains frequency is  60hz so you should choose 30fps. If you are anywhere else in the world the frequency is 50hz so you should set the frame rate to 25fps.  By keeping the frame rate and the artificial lights in sync you avoid flickering in the video.

The aperture should be pretty much as wide as it can go. Aside from increased contrast in certain fast lenses you wont see any benefit from stopping down as the video resolution isn't enough to resolve any extra sharpness.

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