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Miki Nemeth
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V3 vs Firmware update for (the price-dropped) V1

Honestly, I'd prefer a firmware update for the V1. I'd be willing to pay for that either:

(1) Image Review option in Playback Menu (V2)

(2) Displaying the actual/current ISO value applied by the camera. V1 today displays the highest value in the Auto ISO range selected by the user. (V2)

(3) HDR option in Shooting Menu (V2)

(4) Minimum Shutter Speed in A and P exposure modes.

(5) Exposure Preference in S and P Modes (applicable only when Auto ISO is enabled): (A) Aperture (increase aperture first and when the highest aperture supported by the lens has been reached, only then increase ISO: this is good when less image noise is preferred); (B) ISO (increase ISO first, and when the highest ISO value is reached in the Auto ISO range, increase aperture: this is good when deep DoF is preferred)

(6) Assign AF/AE-L button in Still Image Mode: (A) AF/AE lock (B) AE lock only (C) AF lock only (D) AF-ON (new) (E) ISO selection (new) (F) AF Area selection (new)

(7) Assign F button in Still Image Mode: (A) Shutter Type selection (B) Exposure Mode selection (new) (C) AF-ON (new) (D) ISO selection (new) (E) AF Area selection (new)

Some of these problems have (marked with (V2)) been fixed in V2, but not all V1 users want to change to V2, since it does not use the state-of-the-art EN-EL15 battery, which is used in a number of Nikon high-grade cameras (D7000, D7100, D600, D800, D800E). I think these features (V2) would be easy to include in the V1 firmware, since they have already been implemented in the V2 firmware, and porting back to V1 should not be a problem, since the V1 has almost the same hardware components. I might be completely wrong, though.


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