Macbook pro, 13.3 or 15.4?

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Re: Macbook pro, 13.3 or 15.4?

thesilverfox wrote:

'the way it uses ram, it doesn't have to utilise the hard drive as much'

That principle is true for any computer, not just the MBP. The more RAM you have, the less the hard disk is used. You should always have enough RAM to cope with the programs you will run at the same time otherwise the hard disk gets used as RAM and everything slows right down.

I would suggest seriously considering the Macbook Air. I upgraded from my 15.4 inch Macbook Pro earlier this year to a 13 inch Macbook Air and don't regret it. It is so much more portable, lighter and extremely fast, especially starting up applications, which I put down to the Solid State Drive.

The MacBook Air has just come out with 12 hrs of battery life - something which I'm really struggling with with my Dell Inspiron.

See this link to the Apple site: MacBook Air

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