Pentax as first DSLR?

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@ yardcoyote

Hello yardcoyote

You did ask about the kit lens and if you should buy better a prime lens.

In my case, I did stay with Pentax since the MX and have had a lot time to buy lens since than.

Now the answer is not easy, because both have it's advantage.

I make with the kit lens pictures in a wet or dust environment, where I never would use any of my other lens.

I also like that with the kit lens and a DA 55-300mm you get a nice light set, which covers 18-300mm.

The kit lens is cheap and WR.

But when you enlarge your pictures on the monitor, you see that the kit lens is not that sharp at the borders. I for example try to use the kit lens at f 8 or above to get the best out of it.

Enlarging the pictures on the monitor is one thing, but when you don't zoom in that much, or print them on a small format an other one, and here the pictures of the kit lens looks good for me.

best regards kikivrany

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